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     Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our student transfer policy.  We appreciate your interest in Mustang Public Schools.  MPS makes decisions about student transfers in accordance with District policy and State law.  Our comprehensive policy can be found in the Resources section of this site (right or below).  
     With the enactment of Senate Bill 783 (2021), the Oklahoma Legislature made comprehensive reforms to Oklahoma’s school transfer laws, namely revising the requirements for accepting and denying student transfers (to expand transfers between public schools) and requiring school districts to set and list enrollment capacities on their websites.
     Our Board of Education amended our Transfer Policy (#5005) to govern 2022-2023 student transfers to align with this new legislative mandate.

Please keep checking this page for more information/updates.

Site Enrollment/Capacity Information

Data will be updated as per OSDE guidance.  These numbers are manually entered, and may not be up-to-the-moment accurate, but will be updated periodically.  

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Please check back regularly for updates.  
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The school district will begin accepting applications for the following school year starting July 1. Receipt of applications will be documented by the district so that the district may review those applications in the order submitted for purposes of capacity limitations. 
The administration will not approve or deny transfers received for the next school year until after the July 1 capacity data is determined for each grade level and site within the school district.
Considering MPS has been a growing district for several years and continues this trend, decisions on transfer approvals may be made closer to the first day of school as move-ins typically occur up to this date.


Patrons should be aware that there are exceptions to the transfer bill if a district is already at capacity in a grade level. In addition, students will be prohibited from playing athletics for a period of one year following an open transfer.

“The transfer of a student from the district in which the student resides to another school district furnishing instruction in the grade the student is entitled to pursue shall be granted if the transfer has the approval of the board of education of the receiving district at any time in the year unless the number of transfers exceeds the capacity of a grade level for each school site within a school district is insufficient to enroll all eligible students, the school district shall select transfer students in the order in which the district received the student transfer applications.” 

Technology Access

The state Department of Education requires that the following form be completed to apply for a transfer: OSDE Student Transfer Form. Parents who need access to technology to print or complete the form, or those wishing to fill out a paper copy, can visit Central Enrollment.