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The Student Conduct Rules

The Student Conduct Rules

From Board Policy #5155
(Mustang's Policies and Procedures



Riding a school bus is a privilege.  Student safety is our main priority and rules that are enforced at school also apply on the bus.

The following rules and regulations shall govern the conduct of school bus passengers:

=         Students should be at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the time the bus is scheduled to arrive.

=         Bus drivers will have the same authority over pupils while riding buses as the teachers have while the pupils are in school.  The bus is an extension of the classroom.

=         All students must be seated in their assigned seats

=         The noise level on the bus must remain at a low quiet voice level to enable the driver to hear emergency and train signals.  Therefore, passengers must not shout, sing or otherwise cause any disturbance that may distract the driver.

=         School bus windows must remain closed unless the driver permits them to be opened.  When windows are open, students are not allowed to throw objects from the windows or extend any part of the body through a window.

=         The use of tobacco or electronic cigarettes or the consumption of food or beverage is not permitted on school buses.

=         No glass containers are allowed on the bus.

=         No balloons are allowed on the bus.

=         Any passenger who defaces or vandalizes a school bus in any way shall have the bus riding privilege suspended.  No suspended student shall be permitted to resume the bus privilege until all damages for which the student was responsible are paid.

=         If a student is denied transportation for any reason, the parent(s) must be notified.  The bus driver shall not put a child off the bus other than at the student's regular stop without written parental permission.

=         Horseplay is not allowed in or around the bus.

=         Students must keep all objects out of the aisle.

=         Students should never tamper with the emergency door or windows of the bus.

=         Be respectful and courteous to the bus driver at all times.

=         Proper conduct at the bus stop is expected.  Parents should be aware of the children's activities and behavior at the bus stop.

=         No profanity will be allowed.

=         Technology center transportation will be provided for students to and from the technology center.  Students who do not desire to ride the bus may provide their own transportation by completing a Parental Permission form.  The form may be picked up in the Front Office of the Mustang High School.  Permission may be granted when the completed form is turned in to the assistant principal.

Conduct on the bus will be strictly enforced according to the District’s Policy and Procedures Handbook. The bus riding is a privilege and may be lost due to inappropriate conduct.