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School Counseling Program




The Mustang Counseling staff will provide a comprehensive, developmental program that addresses the academic, social and emotional and career readiness needs of all students.



The Mustang Counseling staff aspires, through student advocacy, to support our administrative team, teachers, parents and community in preparing all Mustang students to be responsible and contributing citizens by providing them a safe, caring learning environment in which to develop their cognitive, career and social-emotional development. 





Belief Statements

We believe:

  • We serve as professional advocates for students.

  • All students can learn and achieve academic greatness when encouraged, nurtured and empowered in a respectful environment.

  • Collaboration with all stakeholders is paramount to the success of students

  • Fostering a positive school/home relationship promotes school success.

District Counseling Goals:

  1. Academic

    1. Students will understand themselves as learners and develop skills to assist them in transitioning to the next academic level.

    2. Students will identify factors that impact learning and determine a course of action to provide appropriate support

    3. Counselors will collaborate with stakeholders to develop a variety of strategies to promote student success.

  2. College and Career Readiness

    1. Counselors will provide exposure to the world of work

    2. Students will explore and assess their individual interests and aptitudes

    3. Students will recognize the link between individual skills and abilities to career opportunities.

  3. Social Emotional

    1. Students will develop and demonstrate conflict resolution and decision making skills

    2. Counselors will assist students in developing resiliency and effective coping skills

    3. Counselors will aid students in recognizing their individual strengths and challenges

    4. Students will develop positive interpersonal relationship skills involving respect for diversity and cultural competence



 Elementary Schools
Centennial Elementary        
Amanda Warner  (405) 256-6473
 Mustang Creek Elementary
Heather Rogers   (405) 324-4558
Mustang Elementary
Meghan Plautz   (405) 376-7943
 Lakehoma Elementary 
Karen Bush   (405) 376-7955 
Mustang Trails Elementary 
Tammy Brown    (405) 324-4838
Mustang Valley Elementary
Lesha Taylor   (405) 324-4838 
Prairie View Elementary
Brittany Osborne   (405) 256-6987 
Riverwood Elementary
Britney Bornemann   (405) 256-5207
 Mustang Education Center
Tricia Robertson Weber   (405) 376-7397 

Intermediate Schools 
Canyon Ridge Intermediate 
Chelsea Hinkle  5th Grade  (405) 256-6962
Patti Lindsey    6th Grade    (405) 256-6963
 Meadow Brook Intermediate
 Sloan Douglas 5th Grade  ( 405) 256-5257
 Stacey Doyle 6th Grade     (405) 256-5258
 Mustang Horizon Intermediate
Lasha Claborn 5th Grade  (405)256-2053
Millie VanHorn  6th Grade    (405) 256-6366
Middle Schools 
Central Middle School
Briena Cooper 7th Grade   (405) 256-5285
Amy Cozens 8th Grade    (405) 256-5284
Mustang Middle School
Danna Farley 7th Grade (405) 376-7986
Angie Larson 8th Grade (405) 376-7987
Mustang North Middle School
Filiz Sprouse 7th Grade (405) 324-4812
Mackenzie Tracy  8th Grade (405) 324-4813

 High School
Mustang High School
Alecia Day 9th   A-K    (405) 376-7844
Ralph Chappell   9th L-Z   (405) 376-7845
Carie Allen   10th-12th A-C   (405) 376-7345
Stephanie Fugate   10th-12th D-Hi   (405) 376-7344 
Ericka VanCleave  10th-12th  Ho-Mi  (405) 376-7346 
Mariah Baker  10th-12th  Mo-Sh  (405) 376-7849
Jason Limke  10th-12th  Si-Z  (405) 376-7343