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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Mustang Public Schools stays in touch with the National Weather Service in Norman and receives regular briefings. School officials also monitor weather reports on local news stations.  
Once school is in session, we will not release buses early. There is too much danger in having young children at home with no adult present. If we need to hold buses to ensure the safety of our students, we will. As always, if you are uncomfortable with approaching weather, you can check out your child. Please be aware of the individual school’s policy on pickup if you are arriving close to the actual dismissal time. Should the outdoor warning sirens sound, children will be sheltered in the building and the front doors to the schools will be locked so our staff can get to shelter as well. 

Should impending weather mean a cancellation of evening activities, the district will contact channels 4, 5, 9 and Fox. The information will also be posted to the district website www.mustangps.org and the district’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. For small events, individual coaches or sponsors may communicate with their parents directly through mediums such as Remind 101.
When inclement weather is approaching, school officials begin driving the district as early as 3 a.m., evaluating the conditions on Mustang's roads and bridges. By 5 a.m., they make a determination about cancelling school.

When school is cancelled early in the morning, parents will be receive a call from School Messenger, the district's automated calling system. School Messenger has the ability to phone every student's household within 20 minutes in the event of an emergency. Channels 4, 5, 9 and Fox are also contacted. The information is also posted to the district website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

If inclement weather persists and classes for the following day are cancelled in the evening, we will contact Channels 4, 5, 9 and Fox with the cancellation notice. We will not send out a School Messenger call if classes are cancelled the night before.