• PTA Sucker Day
    Suckers are sold one day a month, and this Friday September 5th is the day. 
  • Stampede Run & Western Days Parade September 6th
    Stampede Run @ 8:00
    Parade @ 10:45 
  • Art T-Shirts Go On Sale
    Sept. 2nd - September 12th - Look for information in your students folders. 
  • C2 Assembly Friday, September 5th
    Mrs. Luper's 3rd Grade Class will be presenting.
  • No School on September 15th
    Professional Development Day for Teachers
Severe Weather Information
  • Severe Weather Information


    In the event of severe weather, which poses the threat of imminent danger to our students and staff, these doors will be locked.
    Students can be checked out when the weather improves and conditionsare considered safe.  This decision was made by Mustang
    Public Schools and based on the advice of FEMA and the National Weather Service. If you feel that you need to pick your child
    up from school due to severe weather, please do so early rather than waiting until a storm is approaching. Absences due to severe
     weather will be excused. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter of safety for our students and staff. 

Words of the Week
  • Character Education WOW, BOW & Quotes
    September- Responsibility is our Word for the Month

    WOW(Words of Wisdom)- Responsibility-knowing and doing what is right and what is expected.
    BOW(Behavior of the Week)-Line Up Quietly and be prepared for class. 
    QUOTES- "Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else expects of you." ~Henry Ward Beecher

Snacks are sold each morning before school outside the gym. They are 75 cents a piece. They are healthy
snacks that are available: Pop Tarts, Cheese Its, name a few.  

Friday snacks are in going on at this time, ALL MONEY needs to be turned in by Thursday. 
Popcorn, Beef Jerky and Fruit Chews
50 cents an item

First PTA Meeting of the Year is Tuesday, September 9th @ 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.

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