• Monday, May 18th 3rd Grade Family Pic Nic
  • Wednesday, May 20th 3rd Grade Pic Nic
  • Wednesday, May 20th 4th Grade Cookout @ 12:50 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 21st 4th Grade Awards Assembly @ 8:00 a.m.
  • Thursday, May 21st EARLY DISMISSAL LAST DAY OF SCHOOL !!! 11:30 student are release for Summer!
2014-2015 Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year! 
First Grade Teacher 
Rebecca Witthuhn

Centennial Elementary Mission Statement

Centennial Elementary Mission Statement

 Our Mission is to prepare Centennial Elementary Students
for the real world by learning life skills, accountability, and
independent thinking.  Centennial Elementary School will
have a student-centered, collaborative culture. Our students
will learn to be flexible and power through challenges while
mastering concepts to the best of their ability. Centennial 
Elementary classrooms will be safe, engaging and inclusive 
of all students. Centennial Staff Members hold themselves 
to a high standard of professionalism, respecting and 
collaborating with all stakeholders. Centennial Faculty is
invested in the success of all students. Centennial
student needs will be met through progressive,
instruction and utilizing best practice.
*Centennial Students will 
develop a joy for lifelong 
learning and become productive, 
successful citizens.

Severe Weather Information
  • Severe Weather Information


    In the event of severe weather, which poses the threat of imminent danger to our students and staff, these doors will be locked.
    Students can be checked out when the weather improves and conditionsare considered safe.  This decision was made by Mustang
    Public Schools and based on the advice of FEMA and the National Weather Service. If you feel that you need to pick your child
    up from school due to severe weather, please do so early rather than waiting until a storm is approaching. Absences due to severe
     weather will be excused. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter of safety for our students and staff. 

School Information
Words of the Week
  • Character Education WOW, BOW & Quotes

    FORGIVENESS-Character Word of the Month

    WOW(Words of Wisdom)- Diligence-Steady and energetic effort. 

    BOW(Behavior of the Week)
    - Keep trying hard until the finish!!

    Quote- "If you want to be successful, it's just this simple...Know what you are doing, love it and believe in it. ~ Will Rogers

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